Monday, 28 November 2011

Here is some of my Chicken Photography of Rose, she is a white Silkie and is the sweetest girl :)
She is aprox. about 5 months old, I have had her for over a month now.
Rose loves to cuddle and always runs up to me when I walk outside.
I can't wait til I get some off spring from her :)

This is Thunder, I've had her for the same time I've had Rose for.  
Soon as I saw Thunder I fell in love with her.
She is a grey Silkie and she is also around 5 months old.
Thunder at first was very shy and didn't fall into the envrioment as fast as Rose.
But now Thunder has grown into the flock of other Silkies and always has to run up to me.

Miss Izzy, I got Izzy on the 2nd of Jan this year, at this stage I only had one Silkie and my Mum didn't want it to get lonely.
I wasnt home for the weekend and when I got home on the Sunday I ran down to the chicken coop and thats when I saw Izzy, but Mum did'nt just buy 1 more Silkie she bought me two.
When I first got Izzy she was betwee 5-6 weeks old, here is what she looked like ( the little Partridge chick)
She was very scared and very shy at first, but as the weeks went one she grew out of it and became friendly. Then one day she got close to me without being scared she jumped up and sat on my leg I was so happy that I had done something right. Here is  Izzy sitting on my legs.

About 5-6 months later, she started to lay eggs, I was so excited about it.
a few months later she went broody,in the middle of winter, where it didnt get over 15 degrees celsius in the day time and it was below -2 degrees celsius at night.
It was day 21(hatch day) I wasnt home all day, when I got home in the afternoon, I went down to check on Izzy and I heard little chirping, I kind of screamed a little under my breath, and sent a text message to my mum to come down to the coop.

At this stage my other hen Lily went broody too.

Now that Izzy is almost a year old now she has gone broody 5 times.
almost all of her first hatch didnt make it through the cold weather, on top of that a lot of bigger wild birds started to hang around and I lost a few to them also. I lost all but  little Lucky, but thats another story all together.
This is what Izzy looks like today.

Now for Lucky, and this is how the story about Lucky goes.
About 5 months ago, my hen Izzy went broody for the first time, a lot of the chicks she had didn't make it as it has been stated in her story.
at this stage I only had 3 chicks left, so I took them inside put them in a box next to my bed.
I didn't know who Lucky was at this stage, so I went outside to grab Izzy so that the chicks had their mum and some warmth.
When the weather was nice I would take them outside for a while then bring them back inside.

One day my Mother took them outside and I lost two of them... When she picked me up and told me I was so upset and angry at her, I didn't let her touch them again.
Then there was one. My other hen Lily was on some more eggs and she hatched them so at this point I didnt have to worry about Lucky being lonely.
(Lucky is the bigger chick)
As the weeks went on,Lucky began to feather out, and started to look a little like Izzy.
Lucky was called "Mini Izzy" for a while but then Lucky stuck to her like glue.
My mum said if Lucky is a girl I could  keep her. I really wanted Lucky to be a girl as I was so attached to her.
At this stage they were still in a box, every morning I would wake up and check on Lucky and her friends...But I could never find Lucky and I would start to freak out, then I would call her and she would come running to  me from in the kitchen, she always managed to get out of the box.

I started to take Lucky outside with the younger chicks,they loved it outside.
As Lucky got older she started to look more like a girl. She was about 9-10 weeks old in this picture.
And this is my little Lucky now.

This is Bee, I got Bee at the same time I got Izzy.
When Bee was a chick he was smaller then Izzy, I did'nt  know what gender he was until he hit about 3 months old.

Bee was the same as Izzy, very shy and didn't go near me at all.
As he got older he grew out of it he started to feather out and his crest started to grow.
One day I chose to sit out in the coop with them. I was with them all day.
I sat there getting to know my 3 birds.
Then Bee came closer and closer to me.
Bee has grown up to be a beautiful,friendly and sweet rooster.
He his kind to his girls and all of the off spring.
Bee has the most cutest crow :)
Here is what my darling boy looks like now