Friday, 2 December 2011

All about the chicks of 2011

2011 has been a rough year for my hatching eggs.
I waited for weeks after my hens started to lay eggs, just waiting to raise chicks.
I hadd one keen hen that wanted to go into mother-hood, it was so hard for me to keep waiting until she was 100% ready to be a mother.
I did heaps of reserch before hand beause I knew nothing about rasing chicks.

I counted down the 21 days  til the chicks started to pip and hatch, I had to get myself out of the house on day 21, then I went home to heaps of little chicks. These chicks hatched in the middle of Winter, it was my biggest hatch this year.

Sadly a lot of these chicks passed away in a few days/weeks of being hatched. The next hatch had was with some of the eggs that didnt hatch from the first hatch Lily went broody on these eggs,there was about 8 eggs left, but only 6 had hatched witch was good as my almost lonely chick had some friends.
But I couldnt keep these 6 chicks and had to sell them,but I got to keep Lucky who was the only one who made it through all of the very sad events that happened. this hatch happened 2 weeks after my first hatch. They grow so fast! I only had one pass away from this hatch,the chick had died from shock the day after it was attacked by a wild bird :(

My first spring hatch happened in Septmember.
Most of this hatch of 10, 7 of them passed away 1 of them went missing
I dont have much to say about this hatch, but I have a message for one of them that passed away at the end of these pictures.

I have a heap more photos but it was making me sad going through them all.
Now onto the sad part of the post.
This is about my little silkie chick who was called Owl and passed away at almost a week old.

I had a little silkie her name was Owl.
She was very pretty, but always frowned.
Her mother wouldn't take her in.
So I looked after her.
Her little voice made me smile.
I walked around with her in my pocket.

I was so happy that she was here, that she had made it this far.
Owl was very unwell and I had to face it that she wasn't going to make it.
As days went on she got worse and worse.
The day had came when she was 6 days old that today was the day she was going to pass.
Eight hours before she passed,I cried so badly because I was losing someone I loved dearly
Late that night the time had come, I layed her down in a bed I had made...
And let her pass away peacefully.

Shes in a better place...
A place that has no feeling of pain..
 A place that shes better off in.
Everyday I think about you.
Everyday I miss you.
I bet your looking down at me saying "What a wondeful mother I would of been"

R.I.P my beautiful, tiny little Owl ♥

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