Friday, 2 December 2011

Dust baths.

Chickens of all ages love to dust bathe.
Dust bathing is very cute, mine dust bath in all kinds of weather.
Dust baths are a major insect control, most animals will dust bathe has it keeps them clear of parasites.
They use dust bathes as away of keeping themselves clean.
As well as dust bathing in dirt they also can dust bathe in sand.

My younger birds dust bathe 1-2 times a week, the older birds that I have only dust bathe once every 1-3 weeks.
When my hens go broody,they will take the chicks to the finest dirt and  dust bathe with them, sometimes they cant get a little bit rough, there are examples of hen and chicks bathing in my pictures below.

Here are my dust bathing photos :)


  1. Mine will not dust bathe in sand :P Only dirt and mulch. Such spoiled chickens! I've even seen one dust bathe on concrete without any sand/dust/dirt/mulch.

    I just spent nearly $20 to make a dust bathe in their run (garage for winter when it's cold), and they refuse to use it! It's been two weeks too :/

  2. Mine wont either, mine are extremely spoilt.

    Oh wow, my birds have 6 different areas they dust bathe in.

    Mine don't have anything special to dust bathe in.
    they could be used to the dirt and dont want to change.