Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A tribute to the girl who stole my heart.

On the 9th of July 2011 I was blessed with a little girl, who was smaller than my hand.
She had brothers and sisters but they didn't make it through the harsh cruel real world.
As the number of her brothers and sisters went down day by day until there were three left.
At this point they were a little more than a week old.

One day when I came home from school I only had one left, a family member had them out free ranging and I lost two.

That weekend my hen Lily hatched out about 5-7 babies, my little girl was no longer lonely.
Yes the babies were a little over 21 days younger then her, but Lily let her stay with the babies.
A week later Lily became aggressive towards the babies and I had to remove her from them.

So I became "Mother hen", every day I would be with them for hours on end.
I named the little girl , Lucky.

I began to free range with them a few hours a day, at different times of day, when larger birds would fly over Lucky and  her younger brothers and sisters would hide in my lap and clothes until the larger birds would leave.
I raised these babies inside of the house, gave them the shelter and safety that they needed.
Lucky was by far my favorite,every morning when I woke up Lucky would be awake before I was running around the house searching for me, Lucky would follow me everywhere.
As Lucky got older she started to feather out.

Her crest starting to grow, breast feather also started to change too.
The hen (Izzy) that hatched Lucky started to chase her around, Lucky simply felt safe in my arms and jumped up to my knees for me to pick her up.

At an early age Lucky began to ride around on my shoulder inside the house, she would hide in my hair and cuddle into my skin.

When Lucky hit about 10 weeks old it was clear that she was a Mummy's girl.
I could put her down outside and she wouldn't run away, if there was a bigger bird around she would run to me as she knew I'd protect her.

I put her down on a pot plant, just to give my arm a rest Lucky was very light but after a while she got heavy.
She just sat on the pot plant peacefully.

In September, I went to Queensland with my Mother for a few days.
I was so worried about her and her younger siblings, when we got home she had grown so much!

When she was about twelve  weeks old she was getting bigger and so were her younger brothers and sisters, that meant it was time to let them live outside, I hated the idea at first, but then it grew on me after a few days.
I was worried that something was going to get to them.
Here is the "rabbit hutch that my Mum bought for them.

 They loved it outside, I would let them free range all day if it wasn't raining, they got used to the older birds.
A couple weeks later, I had to sell Lucky's siblings, I felt so horrible, when I was at the market talking to the breeder, my Mum saw lots of white and different coloured Silkies, they were ALL hens, with the look of love in my eyes Mum couldn't say no to me, plus I didn't want Lucky to be lonely.
So I left the market with a grey and white Silkie.

When we got home, I heard Lucky crying, it made me feel so sad.
It took Lucky a while to accept them, but when she did, they became the best of friends.

When Lucky was about three and half months old, she had her first ever bath, she hated it so much.
If looks could kill I think I'd be dead.

After she got all dry, that's when I was able to take some of my favorite photos of her.
 Lucky has always been a cheeky girl from when she was about two months old, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth with her on my shoulder,she jumped off me and started to walk along the top of the mirror, I almost had a heart attack that night.
When she was at POL ( Point of Lay) she couldn't choose where she wanted to go, she kept jumping up on the feed bucket and tapping on it with her beak,  I watched her do it for about five minutes, then it suddenly click that she wanted me to take the lid off the bucket.
Lucky jumped into the bucket of feed and started to make a nest.

I went inside and left her to do her thing, half an hour later I went back out and she had laid an egg in the feed.

I'm going to put a few of the photos of her from the last few months.
Now I'm getting to the end of my post, but it is ending somewhat sad.
Today, I found that Lucky had been taken from the planet, a million tears will not bring her back nor will the emotions I fell and the actions that follow.
Lucky will be turning one in July but sadly she wont be here to celebrate with me.
She wasn't just a chicken to me, but a part of the family.
The thing that hurts the most is that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

I won't be sad that she is gone, I will be happy, I gave her a loving family, a place to live, we made so many good memories and so many photos to remember her by.
Lucky maybe gone from the earth but will forever be in my heart.

R.I.P Lucky - 9/6/2011 - 28/3/2012.


  1. best heart warming tribute ever

  2. I was on Backyard Chickens and I just HAD to read it!! I'm glad/sad I did because you use VERY GOOD wording I could swear that you are a writer!!!

  3. I am no writer, it's just the connection I built with Lucky.

  4. That is such a gorgeous story. It sounds like she had a good life :)